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Finding the best marketeer is difficult. Many agencies offer a wide range of services that do very little for your reach. Think of bad targeting, bad keywords and confusing reports that raise more questions than they answer. 


Habari Media keeps it simple for all comers, from absolute beginners to experienced creators that want to outsource their marketing for better time management. 

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Habari Media

Custom Reports

When working with Habari Media, you don't need to have completed a master's degree to understand our reports. There are only a couple of values that need monitoring. Go to our  Contacts to find out more!

Market Price

Paying too much for marketing is a pain, especially when the costs can grow exponentially if you're not careful. We keep the costs low and focus on reaching the most people with our rate. 

Marketing and design

Specialization is key in any market.

Marketing: Reaching your target audience requires research first

(re)Design: A website is your business card. A lot of tricks go into webdesign that can really boost performance

What would you do?

Imagine thinking of starting your own company. Maybe you have already begun thinking about it.

After long consideration and planning, your business plan is coming alive. 

Then the unthinkable happens. Weeks go by and still no replies or mentions. You ask yourself "Where did it go wrong?" 

Unable to precisely pin it down, you don't know "what" you need to change, but you know that "somthing else" works better. That is when you begin noticing webdesign and SEO

After searching around on the internet you come to the realisation that getting your target audience to find you is going to be harder than you thought. 

Time is money and learning a whole new skill will take a long time.  So that is not an option. But those big agencies that offer hundreds of options also are not that convincing. What if the campaign fails? Then you not only lose a lot of money, the customer base is nowhere closer to buying from you than before.

What would you do?

Start producing results in 3 steps:

Submit an application via the contacts page. We will get back to you within 2 working days. 

Submit application


Online or in real life, we will discuss the current and desired situation regarding your business such as timeframe, costs and the social media which will be utilised.

Schedule a meeting


After the meeting a proposition is made containing all the points discussed in the meeting. The proposition also includes the timetable belonging to the project.